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Untangling ties that bind after a long San Diego marriage

Any San Diego couple can have conflicts when spouses decide a marriage is over. However, the longer you're married, the more likely you have a considerable amount of marital property. With time, cooperation or even advance planning, assets can be separated fairly.

What to do when the divorce is over

Getting divorced is stressful and complicated. Even the least acrimonious divorces require some level of negotiation when it comes to dividing assets and determining who gets the kids on which weekends and holidays. But once the judge has signed off on the settlement deal, the really hard part is over.

A divorce does not have to be acrimonious

When people get divorced, it can sometimes be assumed that the split was bitter and that the couple at best dislikes each other. It is also generally assumed that the pair will never be able to be friends. However, neither of these scenarios has to be true. Two people can decide to go their separate ways and retain a friendship after the fact, if that's what they choose to do.

Singer's ex-wife seeking $113,000 in child support

Experts estimate that pop singer Marc Anthony earns around $1.25 million each year, with about $200,000 going toward the musician's child support and alimony obligations to his second wife. However, his ex-wife now claims that the $13,000 in child support she receives from Anthony each month is inadequate, especially considering Anthony's substantial wealth.

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