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Clear marital living standards set California alimony limits

California laws take a whole – marital assets and liabilities – and divide them in two equal halves. Community property laws ensure each spouse in a divorce walks away with 50 percent of the marital pie. At the same time, spousal support is awarded to help a former spouse maintain a living standard similar to the one he or she had while married.

San Diego divorce: Should you stay in the marital home or go?

When a relationship ends, someone often packs a bag and heads for the door. It might seem like a good idea to get far away from a tense, emotional situation as quickly as possible but leaving may not be prudent during a San Diego divorce. Support, child custody and property division issues can be affected when one spouse stays while the other moves out.

Community property laws are upheld in California

A man in California who once made his living as a famous singer and performer recently won a Supreme Court ruling that relates back to California's community property laws. Under these laws, the majority of the things that are purchased while a couple are married are viewed as property that they both own equally, rather than as the property of one spouse in particular.

Country singer Trace Adkins headed to divorce court

High-profile divorce cases usually play out in the public eye, making a very personal and difficult time even more trying for everyone involved. The publicity can sometimes complicate the case, as every move made by both parties is scrutinized by the public and the paparazzi. San Diego residents might be interested to know that country singer Trace Adkins is about to go through a divorce in a very public way.

Pet custody cases becoming more common in modern divorce

You've heard of fighting like dogs and cats -- but what about fighting over dogs and cats? Scores of California couples struggle to decide the fates of their beloved pets during their divorce. In fact, surveys show that pet custody battles have increased significantly during the past five years.

How to handle a difficult spouse during a divorce

A divorce can be a stressful event for all involved. Matters such as child support, custody arrangements and property division can push both people to their limits. Even couples who agree to keep the acrimony to a minimum might find themselves in contentious situations. However, if one spouse is acting in a matter that is creating conflict, there are things the other spouse can do to diffuse the situation.

Getting divorced? Throw a party

San Diego readers who have gone through a divorce understand how stressful the situation can be. It is also a period of mourning; a divorce is a lot like a death. However, once the divorce is final, although the marriage has ended, a new life is beginning.

Same-sex marriage OK, same-sex divorce, not so

In 2008, the road was paved with happy same-sex couples headed to California to tie the knot, thrilled to be part of gay history. At that time, there were two states allowing same sex marriages to be performed, Massachusetts and California. Romantic moments were not just timely, they were political, and they felt part of the movement that was defying Proposition 8.

Decisions concerning the marital home following divorce

What happens to the marital home following a divorce?  Of all property division questions, this is perhaps the most vital one.  If both parties wish to sell the home, the property division aspects will generally go smoother.  Unfortunately, divorce is seldom a simple process.

After brief separation, Clint Eastwood's wife files for divorce

Making the decision to end a marriage is not something that typically happens over night. Many relationships go through difficult periods of fighting and reconciliation, mediation and trial separations before one or both spouses decides that the best solution is to get a divorce. When and if couples get to this point, it is important to remember that, like any major change in a relationship, it can be confusing, emotional and difficult to adjust to the change.

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