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July 2014 Archives

Clear marital living standards set California alimony limits

California laws take a whole – marital assets and liabilities – and divide them in two equal halves. Community property laws ensure each spouse in a divorce walks away with 50 percent of the marital pie. At the same time, spousal support is awarded to help a former spouse maintain a living standard similar to the one he or she had while married.

Regain child custody despite a criminal past

California parents who worry that their personal histories may prevent them from ever regaining custody of their children, take heart: It is possible to restore child custody rights even for parents with a criminal past. That was demonstrated this week in a recent Georgia case in which a woman was awarded full child custody of her son after proving that she has overcome her drug addiction. The 33-year-old woman had faced serious scrutiny after she left her child in a vehicle outside a retail store in hot weather last summer.

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