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15-year-old travels to see mother as stowaway out of California

Custody and visitation is important to parents, but it's also important for children who need to see their mothers and fathers. If you have heard about the young man who stowed away in the wheel-well of a plane leaving California, you may have been curious as to why he attempted such a dangerous, and usually deadly, feat. According to the story, he was trying to see his mother who claims she has not seen her son in eight years.

This case is a little unusual because there are no real child custody arrangements discussed. It seems like the boy and his siblings had been taken away from their mother in 2006, despite the fact that the son, at least, wanted to see his mother. According to the story, the 15-year-old boy stowed away in the wheel wells of the plane for the entire 5.5-hour flight, even though those who make that kind of trip have little chance of surviving.

According to people who know his family, the teen desperately missed his mother. Recently, the teen had allegedly learned that his mother was alive, despite the fact that he had been told that she was dead by his father. She claims that her children were taken to California without her knowledge in 2006, because she wouldn't give her husband consent to take the three to the U.S.

The boy's father claims that his son is just struggling to adjust to life in America due to a lack of formal education. Up until recently, the children's father claimed that their mother was dead; an acquaintance of the mother's refugee camp was the one who contacted the siblings to tell them that their mother was actually alive. Despite the truth coming out and the children allegedly fighting with their father, he still claimed that the woman was dead. With some help, this woman may be able to enter the U.S. legally, allowing her to see her children and to seek whatever kind of custody arrangements that will be in the best interest of the children.

Source: New York Daily News, "Mom of boy who stowed-away in plane to run away to her says she hadn't seen him in 8 years" No author given, Apr. 29, 2014

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