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May 2014 Archives

Community property laws are upheld in California

A man in California who once made his living as a famous singer and performer recently won a Supreme Court ruling that relates back to California's community property laws. Under these laws, the majority of the things that are purchased while a couple are married are viewed as property that they both own equally, rather than as the property of one spouse in particular.

Sherri Shepherd files for divorce from husband in California

When it comes to custody and visitation, both parents in a dispute may have their own ideas about what's best for their children. In this kind of situation, it may fall to the judge to decide what happens to the children and who is best when it comes to full custody, visitation or other arrangements.

15-year-old travels to see mother as stowaway out of California

Custody and visitation is important to parents, but it's also important for children who need to see their mothers and fathers. If you have heard about the young man who stowed away in the wheel-well of a plane leaving California, you may have been curious as to why he attempted such a dangerous, and usually deadly, feat. According to the story, he was trying to see his mother who claims she has not seen her son in eight years.

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