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What to do when the divorce is over

Getting divorced is stressful and complicated. Even the least acrimonious divorces require some level of negotiation when it comes to dividing assets and determining who gets the kids on which weekends and holidays. But once the judge has signed off on the settlement deal, the really hard part is over.

However, now that the divorce is behind you, you still have to abide by the agreed-upon terms in the divorce settlement. That, for many can be difficult, especially if one spouse did not care for the terms. However, for those of you in San Diego and beyond, there are ways to make staying in line with your divorce decree a little easier to manage.

Make lists and use your calendar to keep track of important dates and things that need to be completed. If you have a set parenting time schedule, put it on a calendar and in your phone so you'll always know who is supposed to be where and when. If there are still financial matters that have to be cleared up, such as tax returns or updates to insurance forms, include those on the calendar as well. You can also keep track of when child support or alimony payments and due and their amounts. Your calendar and day planner could be your biggest ally as you start this new part of your life.

Although getting divorced can be a daunting experience, coming out on the other side can be liberating. Don't jeopardize your new freedom by violating your divorce arrangement by accident. If you have questions about a part of your settlement, speaking with an experienced legal professional can help answer your questions and keep you on the right side of your divorce decree.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Divorce Warrior: Post-Apocalypse Survival Tips" Terri Weiss, Feb. 24, 2014

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