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Getting divorced? Throw a party

San Diego readers who have gone through a divorce understand how stressful the situation can be. It is also a period of mourning; a divorce is a lot like a death. However, once the divorce is final, although the marriage has ended, a new life is beginning.

And for many, this is a reason to celebrate. A new trend, divorce parties, is allowing those who have gone through a divorce and lived to tell about it to celebrate making it through the process. Also, according to some mental health advocates, it is a good way to jump into a new single life.

A divorce party can cost between $1,000 and $5,000 depending on the extravagance of the party and the fees of the party planner. The celebration can be a simple trip to a spa with close friends or an extravagant affair. The choice is that of the person being divorced. However it is advised that none of the activities be drastic in nature.

A divorce party planner might spend a period of time getting to know the client so that a customized party can be planned that best suits the client's needs and personality. By getting to know clients, planners can ascertain how stressful the divorce process was and can create a party atmosphere that will provide the most closure for the client.

Although a divorce party might not be for everyone, it is an option for those who want to begin their single life in a unique way. For those who are still going through the process, speaking to a legal professional can help ensure all issues are taken care of. An equitable distribution of assets and a fair property division can go a long way to make the transition from married to single a lot easier.

Source: Fox News Latino, "Forget engagement parties, divorce parties are all the rage" Matt Finn, Jan. 14, 2014

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