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Father arrested for violating visitation

When two people have children together, generally both parents should be allowed equal access to their children. In many cases, the pair will go to court and have a custody and visitation arrangement finalized by the court, so the agreement is considered legally binding and protects both parents. However, there are times when one parent might attempt to break the agreement. When this happens, the aggrieved parent has no other choice than to involve the authorities to resolve the situation.

Our San Diego readers might be interested in a child custody situation that recently developed an hour north of here. A father was arrested for not returning his 14-year-old daughter to her mother. The mother, who is a resident of Nevada agreed to let the father spend time with their daughter, since he stated that he wanted to reconnect with her. When the father did not bring the girl home, the mother contacted the authorities in Nevada.

Tracking the father cellphone service, it was determined the man had returned home to California. Because custody laws vary between California and Nevada, the case was treated as a missing juvenile case. Upon location of the father's residence, authorities apprehended the father without incident. The daughter was taken to child protective services and will be returned to her mother. The father has been charged with second-degree kidnapping and custodial interfering.

When parents don't have a formal custody agreement in place, things can get complicated. Having custody laws that vary between two states muddies the water even more. It is very important that both parents craft a legally binding custody and visitation agreement. This will ensure both parents rights are protected and is in the best interest of the child. Anyone who needs assistance with creating such a document should seek the advice of a legal professional who can assist with drafting the legal papers.

Source: Nevada Appeal, "San Bernadino County deputies rescue Fallon girl" Steve Ranson, Jan. 08, 2014

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