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Singer's ex-wife seeking $113,000 in child support

Experts estimate that pop singer Marc Anthony earns around $1.25 million each year, with about $200,000 going toward the musician's child support and alimony obligations to his second wife. However, his ex-wife now claims that the $13,000 in child support she receives from Anthony each month is inadequate, especially considering Anthony's substantial wealth.

Anthony's former partner has formally requested a modification increasing her monthly child support payments to $113,000. If the motion obtains approval from a California family law court, the woman's child support income would be precisely 10 times that of her current payments.

Critics have raised concerns about the motivation behind the woman's request, asserting that her current monthly child support income is more than enough to pay for the children's education, healthcare and other expenses. They also point to the woman's occasional acting jobs as proof of her financial independence and capability as a caretaker for her children. However, Anthony's ex claims the current order is insufficient, forcing her and her children to live in an apartment she argues is too small to fit the gifts the children receive from their father.

Regardless of whether the payments are enough to afford a larger home, the woman could be entitled to more child support and alimony based on Anthony's total net worth - a sum she suspects is considerably ampler than official figures suggest.

The popular singer reportedly purchased a $4 million ring for second ex-wife Jennifer Lopez immediately following their divorce. His first ex-wife stresses that neither she nor her and Anthony's children received such a present. The size of the monthly child support checks Anthony sends Lopez for the care of their twins is unclear, Anthony's first ex-wife claims they amount to far more than her own payments. The California court system allows divorcees to file for child support and alimony modifications. While it is unclear whether the woman plans to take Anthony to court over the request, ex-spouses can often get child support payments increased when their former partner has a substantially higher income.

Source: The Stir, "Marc Anthony's Ex Wants $100K More in Child Support" Lisa Fogarty, Nov. 26, 2013

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