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How does cheating weigh in divorce and child custody?

Divorce can be a very stressful time for a person. When they decide that they cannot be married to their spouse any longer, they might have many different questions. They might question where things when wrong in their relationship and have many legal questions, as well.

If a spouse has cheated, the emotions of the divorce might be heightened. This behavior can result in a dilemma for many people. Do they try to forgive their spouse? Should they just divorce them? They might also think about what a divorce might do to their children. If a person decides that divorce is the best option for them, they might be wise to speak with an experienced divorce attorney in San Diego.

Questions about state child custody laws are common. These questions can sometimes linger when one spouse cheats, leading to the couple divorcing. Child custody issues are often decided on what is in the best interest of the child. While cheating might seem like a controversial thing for many people, it might not mean that a parent is unfit.

It is important to understand how the legal process works with a divorce, specifically regarding child custody. People might quickly debate whether their cheating spouse should have any contact with their children. Although it might be emotionally difficult, children can often benefit from having time with both of their parents after a divorce. An experienced attorney can help represent a person's best interests and the interests of their children throughout a San Diego divorce.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Divorce Confidential: A Cheating Heart and Its Role in Divorce," Caroline Choi, Oct. 1, 2013

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