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Common fears in a San Diego divorce

Deciding to file for divorce is often not an easy decision. While in the long-term it is a rewarding experience that most people are happy to have completed, in the short-term, there are a lot of fears. Divorce brings a lot of fears of the unknown. That is especially true when it comes to finances. Furthermore, it can be downright frightening for the person in the relationship that wasn’t in charge of managing finances throughout the marriage.

These individuals often have three common fears, according to a divorce financial planner. One of those fears has to do with not knowing if they will get a fair share when it comes to the divorce settlement. If a person is not fully aware of the financial state of their marriage, it may be hard for them to know what they can claim in the split. Working with a divorce attorney can be crucial in really understand what assets exist and what will be divided. 

Once the division begins, another fear can set in: what am I getting? Although getting stocks in a business may sound appealing, it is important to distinguish between liquid and illiquid assets. Concentrating on how the assets will benefit a person post-divorce is a vital step.

Finally, many individuals worry about how their lifestyle will change. Though most spouses understand that divorced life may be significantly different financially than married life, it is important to work with a professional to understand your income and expenses post-divorce. With the advice and support of a legal professional, these fears can be calmed and an individual can keep a happier future in their sights.

Source: CBS News, “Divorce financial planner: 3 common fears,” Robert Pagliarini, Aug. 23, 2013

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