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September 2013 Archives

Putting a price tag on fertility in divorce cases

Divorce, in a lot of aspects, is about numbers. For the couple involved, it may feel a lot more personal and emotional, but for San Diego courts, factors like alimony, child support and property division come down to need and numbers. While a court can calculate the appropriate amount of child support to be paid, as well as the value of assets to be split, a lawyer from another state thinks it’s possible to put a price tag on fertility.

Common fears in a San Diego divorce

Deciding to file for divorce is often not an easy decision. While in the long-term it is a rewarding experience that most people are happy to have completed, in the short-term, there are a lot of fears. Divorce brings a lot of fears of the unknown. That is especially true when it comes to finances. Furthermore, it can be downright frightening for the person in the relationship that wasn’t in charge of managing finances throughout the marriage.

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