San Diego County Domestic Violence Lawyer

Whether you are a man or a woman, you and your children have the right to protection from domestic violence. Emotionally, mentally and physically damaging, domestic violence can leave lasting scars victims will carry for the rest of their lives.

If you find yourself involved in a domestic violence situation and fear for your personal safety or that of your children, know you are not alone. There is help and relief available. In San Diego County, Bierer & Associates Family Law helps victims obtain the legal orders of protection needed. Contact us to learn more.

More Than a Bad Temper

Domestic violence is more than a misunderstanding or a flaring temper. It often is tied more to controlling another person through anger, manipulation and violence. California law defines abuse broadly including a range of behaviors from stalking and shoving to child abuse and neglect, but it can also include:

  • Verbal or Written Abuse
  • Emotional and Mental Abuse
  • Forced Sexual Behavior
  • Physical Violence

For an abusive behavior to be considered domestic violence there must be a close personal or biological relationship between the alleged abuser and the alleged victim. From spouses to coworkers to former lovers to domestic partners, domestic violence can happen to anyone at any time. However, you can make it stop.

Help Is Available

Protective measures are available for men, women and children in domestic violence situations. One of the most effective is a restraining order that limits an abuser from being near you. It may also prohibit the person from making any efforts to contact you. Another protective measure is a move-out order that evicts the abuser from the home.

At our firm, we understand the fear associated with domestic violence, and we are committed to being strong advocates for our clients and making a difference in their lives. If you are involved in domestic violence as either the alleged victim or the alleged abuser, you need to speak with our legal team. Our attorney can assist victims with all protective motions and with defense for those who have been falsely accused.

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To discuss your concerns pertaining to domestic violence, contact us to schedule a case evaluation. Because of the serious nature of domestic violence matters, our attorneys must meet with you in person before providing any legal advice concerning your family law matter.