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With civil unions no longer the only option for same-sex couples in California, the legalization of same-sex marriage affords those rights under state family laws. Within California and other states that recognize same-sex marriage, spouses can also pursue divorce actions that involve spousal support and property division.

Same-sex married couples face challenges if they choose to divorce. California has residency requirements. States that do not recognize a same-sex marriage will not recognize a same-sex divorce.

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Marilyn E. Bierer possesses 20 years of experience representing California residents during difficult and life-changing times. The founder of Bierer & Associates will treat you like family and remain at your side throughout a complex and emotional legal process. As your dedicated and compassionate lawyer, she will help you make good decisions.

In a same-sex marital dissolution, California requires that one of the spouses be a resident of the state for six months prior to filing the petition in the county where they were married. However, California allows nonresident same-sex spouses to divorce if their marriage occurred in California and neither spouse presently lives in a state that will dissolve the marriage legally.

Couples looking to end a traditional marriage do not have to worry about the state they live in while going through a divorce. They can proceed with their post-divorce life, pursuing other relationships or getting married again. However, with same-sex marriages illegal in many states, legal protection is not available and ending the marriage through the court system is not possible.

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