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If you and your ex cannot come to agreement during divorce negotiation or mediation, or if you have a conflict that you think only can be resolved at trial, the San Diego law offices of Bierer & Associates can help. Our divorce lawyers have more than 15 years of experience in handling divorce litigation in courts throughout San Diego County, and we can protect your best interests at trial.

Divorce Dispute Resolution

If your divorce must proceed to trial, there are several important things to know. Before divorce litigation can begin, you are first required by the courts to attend a mandatory settlement conference. At the settlement conference, we will represent your side of every issue, from custody to property division. Independent legal counsel will review both sides' position and give recommendations to help resolve the case without going to trial.

If this last chance at out-of court settlement is not successful, we will then proceed to litigation. At trial, we will work to resolve all conflict while protecting your best interests in regard to divorce issues such as:

Remember, if you decide to pursue divorce litigation, a judge will decide who will gain primary custody of your children, how your marital property will be divided, and whether you will receive child support or spousal support. Consider if a trial might be best in the best place to resolve disputes in your divorce. San Diego family law attorney Marilyn Bierer will help ensure that you secure the best resolution possible if you choose to pursue divorce litigation.

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A trial may be the only way to protect property ownership, your position, and your children's best interests. If you need assistance with divorce litigation, contact San Diego divorce lawyer Marilyn Bierer today to schedule a consultation. Because of the complex legal issues in taking your divorce case to trial, our attorneys must meet with you in person before providing any legal advice.