San Diego County Family Law Lawyer

Divorce cases and family disputes will always be decided according to the law. Your individual success is based on the facts of your case, as well as your attorney's ability craft arguments to work for the interpretation and apply those laws in your favor.

San Diego family law attorney Marilyn Bierer has established a professional reputation for the successful resolution of serious family disputes. Her practice is based on a comprehensive understanding of California law coupled with a no-nonsense, honest approach to the development of equitable distribution agreements and resolutions that are fair and legally sound. Contact us to learn more.

Communication and Negotiation

The key to a timely, cost-effective resolution during a family dispute is clear, consistent communication between the attorney and client at all times. Our firm uses a practical approach to ensure that each client is aware of his or her rights and options each step of the way for problems involving:

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The choice of legal representation when filing for divorce or trying to resolve a family dispute is important to you and your children and should not be made lightly. Please review the information on our website, consider our qualifications, and then  contact us for a case evaluation and review of your legal rights. Because of the serious and complex nature of family law matters, our attorneys must meet with you in person before we can provide any legal advice concerning your family law issue.