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Questions and disputes about a child's paternity arise in many relationships. However, when married and unmarried couples face paternity issues, it is often best to consult with an experienced attorney to represent your interests and those of the child.

With offices in San Diego, Bierer & Associates Family Law handles all family law matters including defending and challenging motions to establish paternity. We are strong advocates for our clients' rights, and we offer no-nonsense representation for men and women. Contact us to learn more.

Establishing Paternity

Paternity is a complex legal area that has significant and long-reaching results for both mothers and fathers. For mothers, determining paternity assists with eligibility to receive support payments from the father and public assistance. For fathers, paternity provides the right to visitation as well as the responsibility for child support.

Should a mother make motion to establish paternity and the father agrees, there is likely no testing involved prior to ruling the father as the biological parent. However, if a man disagrees with the motion, the court may require him to undergo a DNA test to determine whether or not he is the biological father.

A father married to a child's mother may also contest paternity if he has doubts that the child is his. However, he must act within two years of the child's birth date or the court will presume the husband is the father.

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