Motion To Establish Paternity

Legal advice for mothers and fathers to assist in establishment of parental relationships.

Unmarried couples with children face unique challenges, especially if the relationship ends. Just like a divorced couple, either or both partners may seek child custody (child sharing), child support, or visitation rights through the courts. In cases where the presumed father has not voluntarily acknowledged the child as his, a paternity action may be necessary for the purpose of establishing paternity, parental rights, and parental responsibilities. Typically, paternity is established through DNA paternity testing.

San Diego attorney Marilyn Bierer can assist in filing or defending paternity actions in order to protect the legal rights of both partners:

  • Fathers – A father may want paternity testing to prove his fatherhood so he can secure visitation rights with his child when his parentage of the child is disputed by the mother. In the opposite case, we can assist with disputes in cases where a man has been named in a court order as a legal father of a child. Proof of paternity through a paternity blood test can be required by the State of California in order for the mother to receive public welfare assistance.
  • Mothers – The state may require a determination of paternity before establishing child support payments, child custody, or visitation. If the father of the child refuses to acknowledge parenthood, a paternity action may be the only recourse to receive support payments from the natural father or any public assistance.

San Diego family law attorney Marilyn Bierer has nearly 20 years of practical experience in protecting the rights of parents during paternity actions as well as in other family law areas. The paternity suit process is complex and confusing; mistakes could have substantial long-term effects, both emotional and financial. A skilled California lawyer from Bierer & Associates will guide you through the process, protecting your rights and advising you on your options and their consequences each step of the way.


Parents throughout San Diego County seeking either to establish or reaffirm paternity should contact the law offices of family law attorney Marilyn Bierer today for an honest evaluation and a review of your legal rights. Because of the serious and complex issues involved in paternity proceedings and DNA testing, our attorneys must meet with you in person before providing any legal advice.