San Diego Child Support Modification Attorney

Helping California parents alter or enforce orders after a divorce or child custody (child sharing) decree

The family law practice of San Diego child custody (child sharing) modification lawyer Marilyn Bierer is based on working to create fair and legally sound agreements that help avoid hostile and expensive trials. Ideally, our goal is to keep family law disputes out of court with alternative means of dispute resolution like mediation. A negotiated settlement can often be far more flexible than alternatives dictated by the courts.

In many cases, initial orders during a divorce, final orders after a divorce, or orders regarding child support or custody may need to be modified. This can happen because of changing life circumstances or simply because a former partner is disputing the agreement and fails to meet his or her obligations, financial or otherwise. Changing the terms of a negotiated settlement or a court order is accomplished with a modification order.

When a divorce of child support modification is needed, Marilyn Bierer has nearly 20 years of experience and a comprehensive understanding of California family law and can offer legal advice to clients throughout San Diego County who are seeking:

  • Spousal or child support enforcement
  • Termination of the divorce agreement or order
  • Modification of visitation schedules and parenting time
  • Raising or lowering the non-custodial parent's child support payments
  • Changes in legal or physical child custody (child sharing)

Emergency Orders

Many clients find themselves in financial difficulty because of non-payment of child support. Unfortunately, others face the threat of violence because of a pending divorce or court action.

San Diego family lawyer Marilyn Bierer is an aggressive advocate for the rights of parents and children, and she places particular emphasis on helping people in these emergency situations. Bierer & Associates has helped hundreds of California parents file for emergency child support enforcement orders or restraining orders to protect themselves from domestic violence. Our goal is to correct situations in the fastest and most cost-effective manner possible, and preserve your rights under the law.

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If you need or want to dispute a modification of an initial order during a divorce, a final order after a divorce, or orders regarding child support or custody, contact a San Diego child support modification lawyer today at Bierer & Associates to schedule a case evaluation. Because of the serious and complex issues involved in post-judgment modifications, our attorneys must meet with you in person before providing any legal advice.