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For 20 years, Bierer & Associates has helped California families get through life-changing times. Emotions run high when a marriage ends, yet you must make important decisions for you and your children. Disputes over money can turn the most uncontested divorces into heated and bitter contests.

Marilyn E. Bierer treats her clients like family. She dedicates her efforts and employs all of her resources to secure the best outcome for her clients.

A Mission Valley Attorney And Dedicated Advocate For Child Support Rights

California has mandatory guidelines for child support, calculating the net incomes of both the custodial and noncustodial spouse. The statutes are straightforward and do not leave room for any discretion. However, you still need a lawyer with experience in handling numerous child support cases.

While entering the numbers into a "calculator" seems simple, securing accurate information on income presents challenges. Spouses who are business owners can use revenues to pay personal expenses. Freelancers can hide income to minimize child support payments.

In child support cases, the founder of our firm attends to every detail in determining accurate income amounts. In cases involving self-employed professionals, she often works with forensic accountants for a more in-depth, fact-based review.

Legal needs do not end after an agreement is reached. Incomes change through job loss and other circumstances, requiring us to pursue modification of the initial decree. When a parent responsible for financial support refuses to comply, we aggressively pursue enforcement of the original child support order.

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