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Divorce is a highly emotional time where decision-making is impaired. Personal issues affect reasonable discussions on how a husband and wife living apart will care for their children. Difficulties in finding resolution require an experienced family law attorney who has earned a reputation for practical advocacy.

A Mission Valley Custody Dispute Attorney And Practical Advocate

When you and your spouse decide to live apart, state child custody laws mandate parenting plans. A range of options exists for divorcing parents to agree upon. Marilyn E. Bierer pursues a child custody agreement to strengthen each parent's relationship with his or her child.

While she works hard to protect your custody rights, she will encourage you and your ex-spouse to do the "heavy lifting" during mediation and following an agreement. Divorcing spouses taking an active parenting role and remaining a positive influence is truly in the best interests of their children.

From the initial custody planning to the final agreement, Marilyn E. Bierer focuses on the best interests of children. Her reputation as a specialist in this area is well known in the local legal community. She is often asked by California family courts to represent children in divorce matters as a guardian ad litem.

At Bierer & Associates, our lawyer navigates through the legal and emotional elements of child custody arrangements and relocation requests. Marilyn E. Bierer believes that both parents can provide positive and nurturing environments, if they limit disagreements and work together.

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