After more than 20 years of practice, San Diego family law attorney Marilyn Bierer has earned the respect of her peers and the referrals of countless clients who look to her for a pragmatic, honest approach to marriage and family law disputes. The practice areas of her San Diego law firm include divorce, spousal support (alimony), child custody (child sharing), support and visitation, motions to establish paternity, spousal and child support modifications to agreements and court orders, and domestic partnership agreements.

I am the 2015 NORBY AWARD recipient given annually by the Family Law Judges and Commissioners to a family law attorney who has made a significant contribution to the practice of family law in San Diego County. In 2004 I was awarded the Pro Bono attorney of the year from the Volunteer Lawyers association.

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The attorneys of San Diego family law firm Bierer & Associates can provide a realistic assessment of your situation and a clear picture of your rights, options and their consequences. Because of the serious and complex issues involved in family law matters, our family law attorneys must meet with you in person and evaluate your legal concerns before providing any legal advice. Please contact our law firm to schedule an appointment for a case evaluation with a respected San Diego family law attorney. Reflecting the communities we serve.