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San Diego Family Law And Divorce Lawyer

Marriages end for a variety of reasons. Some couples cannot resolve serious conflicts while others simply lose the passion they once had for each other.

The end of a marriage and other family law matters combine legal complexities with emotionally charged issues. You may not be at your best in making important decisions. With more than 20 years of experience helping California families, Marilyn E. Bierer can get you through a difficult process with caring and compassionate advocacy, an approach shared by her staff.

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This Is About More Than The Law. It Is Your Life.

Like all of the clients who have retained Bierer & Associates, we will treat you like family. Legal matters are beyond a source of revenue or a paycheck at the end of the month. We attend to all of your legal needs. We are reasonably available and easy to reach. Calls are returned within 24 hours, and all clients have email access to the firm's staff.

Efficient And Effective In Mediation And Litigation

As soon as the divorce process starts, you want it to end. Settling your divorce is an efficient and cost-effective way to find resolution. Marilyn E. Bierer shares the court's preference to mediate agreements, especially when a marital dissolution involves children. However, if litigation is the best, if not only option, our lawyer will aggressively represent you in family court.

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